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A Successful Town Square Clean Up

Updated: May 24, 2019

The day was beautiful and the volunteers were cheerful as RevitalizeYC, along with many volunteers from our community, began a day of work to jump-start the revitalization of our historic town square in Yates Center Kansas.

Several of our local real-estate owners allowed us to work on or in their buildings - putting trust in our organization and working with us to make positive change.

The most noticeable changes that you will come across next time you are on the square are the "Midwest Hearing Aids" building, owned by the Herring family, and the Yates Center Public Library. The renovations that occurred on Saturday were immense and have brought new life to these familiar locations.

We would also like to congratulate building owners on working to transform the building fronts of the theater building and the Freemans' building on the west side. We are very impressed by the paintwork completed by the owner of the old theater building, Theresa Schaede, to cover up the temple information from times past, and by the beautiful renovation completed by the Freemans'. See photos of these buildings following the "Volunteer Quotes" section.

Some changes that you might not see from the outside include large amounts of trash, scraps, and old furniture items that were hauled out of several buildings during the clean up. Though the changes aren't visible to us, they make these buildings usable and allow building owners to move forward with renovations and future plans!

We would like to give our most sincere thanks to all RevitalizeYC team members, building owners, volunteers, Superior Lumber, Toronto Lumber, the City of Yates Center, Woodson County, and any other entities that helped us accomplish this wonderful day of community teamwork in any way. We are so thankful for your support.


Midwest Hearing Aids Building - Owned by Herring Family

Side by side comparison - Before and After!

Paintwork done by owner Theresa Schaede, with plans for more soon!

The text that was left on the old theater building for many years.

The Freemans' Renovated Building

More details about the library:

Power washed: Front stonework, the sign, the drop box

Painted: The sign, drop box, hand railings, light box accents, the lamp post, and mail box

A new lid for the mailbox was cut by Superior and put on by a volunteer

Cleaned all the leaves out of the window wells, planted flowers, and JJ came by to pick up trash to be hauled off

Stacey Drake will be painting the art on the drop box soon, so be watching for this coming update!

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