RevitalizeYC Advsiory Board

Taylor Edwards

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Dick Horton - Certified Community Planner at Southeast Kansas Community Action Program (SEK-CAP)

Dick Horton is a Certified Community Planner by the American Planning Association, with an AICP certification, which is their highest designation. He currently works for the Southeast Kansas Community Action Program (SEK-CAP) with headquarters in Girard, Kansas. Prior to joining SEK-CAP, Dick led a national consulting practice for community planning which resulted in completed projects in 30 states and an additional international project in Canada. As an employee of SEK-CAP, Dick seeks opportunities on a daily basis to work within communities throughout its twelve-county service area working on planning initiatives that result in change. Dick works to facilitate partnerships, support initiatives, and convene citizens to address causes and effects of poverty throughout the region that can positively affect community growth as progress is made. Dick works to maintain relationships throughout the region and to provide program and partnership development assistance on a regular basis. Dick’s tie to RevitalizeYC is directly related to his interest as a community planner and the opportunities he sees for the Yates Center/Woodson County area. When he learned of the formation of RevitalizeYC, he took quick notice of the high quality of its leadership team and their commitment to a new vision. He believes in the organizations mission and wanted to be a part of it, offering his service and expertise as a community planner.

Kendra Bickham - Community Development Consultant and Grant Writer

Kendra Bickham possesses over 17 years of executive-level leadership and consulting with nonprofits with budgets ranging from $180,000 all the way up to $25 million. She has written and received millions of dollars in grants that has helped many nonprofits develop sustainability.

Highlights of her experience include public policy and advocacy for The California Endowment’s Building Healthy Communities Initiative; board leadership with the Humboldt-Del Norte Healthcare District, with an emphasis on prevention for better health outcomes; homeless prevention and affordable housing development; forming the Continuum of Care for Del Norte County, California, where she also spearheaded the first point-in-time count of area homeless; food systems development, pioneering the first Food Policy Council in Del Norte County; child abuse prevention initiatives, including Differential Response; work with the Hmong refugee population; and healthy youth development. In her most recent role, Kendra served as the founding Executive Director, helping launch a new organization in Tulsa County, Oklahoma, providing support for homeless children and their families. Kendra helped provide support leading to the successful acquisition of historical preservation funding for one of the buildings in the historical downtown area in Yates Center, Kansas and recently agreed to serve on the advisory board, to provide support for Revitalize YC. She feels the work they are doing is vital for the economic viability of the area and will help create a more vibrant, sustainable community.

Heather Morgan- Executive Director of Project 17 & Director of Economic Development and Community Engagement for the Kansas State University Technology Development Institute

Heather Morgan is the Executive Director of Project 17 an works on rural statewide economic development issues.  Project 17 focuses on improving the economic viability of the communities in Southeast Kansas.  RevitalizeYC reached out for her expertise and assistance.  She is a native of Pratt, Kansas and holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Kansas State University and a Bachelor’s Degree from Kansas Wesleyan University.  Professionally, she has held a number of leadership positions in both local and state government and in the non-profit sector.  She is fellow of the Purdue University Agile Strategy Lab and an alumnus of various Kansas Leadership Center programs including of Lead for Change, You Lead Now, the Teaching Leadership Program, Case-In-Point Teaching Methodology, and Storytelling Workshops.  She is also an alumnus of the Leadership Kansas Program- Class of 2007.