Board Member


Municipal/Non-Profit Lawyer

We are seeking a lawyer with expertise in municipal or non-profit law to serve on our Advisory Board.

This person will advise on contracts, liabilities, be available to answer questions related to our
opportunities and limitations regarding civic and economic development.
In-person attendance at monthly Board meetings is not required; however, this position may require participation via telephone/video conference from time to time. In addition, there may be counsel sought through phone or email
communication outside of the monthly Board meetings.

Estimated monthly time commitment:  1-4 hours
Term:  2 years

Event Planner

We are seeking a volunteer to join the Board of Directors as VP of Special Events. This position will be responsible for planning and executing fundraising and community engagement events.
A well-organized person with attention to detail and great communication skills will plan and execute these special events
by chairing volunteer committees and delegating tasks to the volunteers.

Board Member requirements: Attendance at a minimum of 9 of 12 monthly BOD meetings, held in Yates Center, Kansas on the second Thursday of each month from 5:30-7:30 pm.
Estimated monthly time commitment:  4+ hours
Term:  2 years
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RevitalizeYC is a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation focused on the revitalization efforts of Yates Center, KS.



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