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Community Projects

We host a Town Square Cleanup each year in the spring to get our Historic Town Square ready for Yates Center Days! We do a variety of other projects that require various skills related to DIY, painting, etc.


Any administrative task needed but not limited to:  data input, writing and editing, knowledge of Microsoft Office, drafting letters, etc.


Advertising, Marketing, Digital Design, T.V. & Radio Personalities, Help generate content for social media & website, Help with the design and content for town branding materials.

Fundraising + Events

Plan and execute community workday events and fundraising events. We need decorators, event planners, project coordinators, etc. Solicit fundraising for various projects. Be a part of donor and investor relations. Help with donor and investor packets.


Will Partner with our Treasurer for cash flow checks and balances, help collect and count money, send donor receipts and thank you notes. Help facilitate investments for the organizations and give any financial advice.


This team will be the information gathers. Researching anything related to economic development, grant options, revitalization components of small towns, and any information we need to help execute projects. If you love and know the history of Yates Center and Woodson County, we need you. History will be used in marketing and grant writing.


Acquiring and set up of PA systems, computers, lighting, and in general the behind the scenes tech nerds who make everything look good. Knowledge in Web Design, Donor software systems, and professional email setup.

Join us!

By joining one of our community teams, you will be a vital part of the development and fulfillment of our plans for the future of Yates Center and Woodson County

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