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Buffalo Bill Hotel

Located on the northwest corner of the Yates Center square, the Hotel Woodson has seen a lot of action over the years, including medicine shows, circuses, and "drummers," the latter of whom set out goods for sale in the hotel basement. Edwin Reid, whose father managed the hotel when it opened in 1887, recalls Buffalo Bill coming to town, and it sounds like quite the event. He states that "[a] couple of cabs from the livery stable were rented, and decorated with banners and plumes ... [and] they would parade around town advertising the show." (The livery is the building next to Hairbenders salon; hence the tall arched sandstone doorways.) Along with explaining how the show was advertised, he tells the tale that Bill Cody and his friends were drinking and partying, when they started pinching grapes, squirting the juice at one another. At one point Daisy the waitress slipped in the juice and dropped a tray of dishes, infuriating manager T.L. Reid. When T.L. asked Bill and Co. to stop, Bill responded by squirting him in the eye, which as one can imagine, did not go over well. Reid snatched Bill by his long hair and yanked him out of his chair, which initiated a full-on brawl. According to Edwin Reid, "[t]hey wrecked the dining room office and my mother ran out in front of the hotel with a dinner bell and started ringing it!" As one can imagine, after this woolly altercation, show-business folks had a hard time getting lodging at the Hotel Woodson. (The hotel leger signed by Buffalo Bill resides in the Woodson County Historical Museum archives.)

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