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A Wonderful Website

Hey there! Chances are this is your first visit to the RevitalizeYC website, and that's probably because this website is brand new!

We are very excited to have a new platform to engage the community, give updates, and interact with the people who matter - YOU. Take a look at our website. Try it out, check out new features as we add them, and give us feedback.

We would love to have you on our team here at RevitalizeYC - you can get involved by participating in our events, volunteering for a community team, or offering a donation to help us make progress!

No matter why you're here, we're glad you decided to visit. Here's to progress and the revitalization of our beautiful community in Woodson County, Kansas.

We hope you visit again soon!

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1 comentario

Melissa Mulsow
Melissa Mulsow
21 mar 2019

Great Job on the website! It's graphically dynamic and easy to navigate. You're well on your way and I'm looking forward to future updates...and definitely excited to see what comes from this community organization! RevitalizeYC is full of great minds and forward thinking solutions! Cheers to much success and growth in Yates Center!

Me gusta
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