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August 2021 Update

In an effort to keep everyone informed of the work RevitalizeYC is doing to serve the community, below are details of the current projects RYC is working on and the progress made so far.

Collaborative Community Planning Workshop

First Impressions is a way to boost community vitality. It works by inviting other rural community members to explore Yates Center, and provide feedback on the community's strengths and highlights areas of concern. Yates Center was partnered with a sister city, and members from each community were like “secret shoppers.” Afterwards, the results are shared in a community meeting. This helps the community evaluate successes and set goals for new development.

In March of 2021, RevitalizeYC had a community meeting where they shared findings from the First Impressions project. (To see Yates Center's complied report, click here.) The "secret shoppers" had a lot of positive things observed in our community, they commented on a few obstacles, and had many items they will remember for years to come.

RevitalizeYC thought this report brought up a lot of interesting points and food for thought. RevitalizeYC has invited the County Commissioners, City Council, and the Chamber of Commerce members to attend a special meeting. During the meeting, we will share information from this First Impressions report with them in an effort to execute many of the recommendations that were brought to light by this report.

Our mission is to share knowledge, and then brainstorm ideas with other city and county agencies to work towards embracing and improving our community on many levels. The initial meeting is planned for November in hopes The City of Yates Center, The County Commissioners, The Chamber Executive Director, Chamber Board Members, and RevitalizeYC can schedule a Community Planning Workshop where more time will be spent on developing a concrete plan of action.

Kansas PRIDE Program Project

RevitalizeYC is in the process of applying for a $2,000 grant from the Kansas PRIDE Program through K-State Research and Extension. When the details are assembled and ready to be published, we will share those with you. We know you will be excited to know what is coming!

Fall Festival

Friends for Life and the Woodson County Chamber contacted and asked RevitalizeYC to take over this year's Fall Festival. This event is in the final planning stages, but the committee has many exciting ideas to make this a fun, family oriented time. Find out more information about this event on our website.

We are recruiting volunteers to help make this event successful. Volunteers can help with tasks such as: setting up and tearing down, running the check-in table, or assisting with the numerous events available and more. Would you like to get involved and help us out at this year's Fall Festival? If so, sign up here!

Want to donate resources or funds instead? That's great, too! We have our sponsors and community members like you to thank for the success of the Fall Festival each year! Thank you for your support. With your help, we can make the event even better with each coming year. Use this link to donate directly to the Fall Festival.

Chili and Soup Cookoff

Calling all cooks!!! RevitalizeYC is hosting it annual Chili and Soup Cookoff during this year's Fall Festival. Registration is FREE!!! All participants must register online at Remember, there is a cash prize for the winners in each category!!!

Join Our Team

If you're interested in joining our team, check out our Community Teams page and our Available Board Positions page. There's a simple online application - we are always looking for individuals who are passionate about Woodson County!

Thank you for your continued support!

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