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January Update!

Update from the Woodson County Revitalization Alliance, RevitalizeYC, Inc. - January 2020 ❄️

Here are updates for the community after the RevitalizeYC monthly meeting in January. The organization is currently working on the following items:

• There will be a community meeting on Saturday, February 8th, 2020, at 10:00 am. Everyone is encouraged to join the conversation at The Town Hall and Chapel Gallery. RevitalizeYC is encouraging everyone who can make it, to come, be a part of, and hear what the organization is working toward.

• A partnership has been formed with Pizza Hut in order to raise money for the organizations revitalization initiatives and yearly budget. 20% of any items purchased from the restaurant on February 2nd and 11th will go toward supporting future projects.

• A list of available commercial properties around Woodson County and the City of Yates Center are being compiled and will soon be uploaded to the web. This will enable, business or industry interested parties to view these properties from a distance and investigate possible purchases.

• RevitalizeYC joined the PRIDE program back in July of 2019. The organization is looking for new ideas in connection with its first “Community of Growth” grant. Compilations have risen with the idea to place planter box benches around the Yates Center Historic Town Square. More information about this project will be provided at the upcoming community meeting.

• A Letter of Intent has been submitted in order to pursue a Blue Cross Blue Shield “Pathways to a Healthy Kansas” grant. RevitalizeYC will be seeking Letters of Support from the city, county, and other relevant parties.

• Letters of support are also being sought in order to initiate the formation of a Land Bank, so as to begin addressing tax delinquent and “problem properties” throughout the area.

• RevitalizeYC wants to thank the community, the city, and the county for their continued support. If you would like to donate to future projects, you can do so online at or provide a donation in person to either JJ Edwards or Laura Douglas.

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