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• July 2021 Update •

Mural Project:

WalMart Grant and Mural Project information was shared and updated. It will be an attractive addition to Yates Center to have a beautiful mural gracing the side of a building in Yates Center. It will welcome and add an interesting touch to our community. This project will be a joint effort by our Yates Center High School teacher and her art students. Adding a nice personal touch and meaning to those leaving their artist mark for many to see and appreciate.

BREP Reports:

BREP reports are Economic Development Business Retention and Expansion Surveys. The information for these surveys was collected by RYC members who broke into teams who interviewed Woodson County businesses owners. Questions such as “What do you think the future of your business in Woodson County looks like?” “How many employees do you have?” “How has your employment changed over the last few years?” “…Do you plan to expand your business… How can we help?” All together we interviewed over 30 businesses, the collected information will be sent to an agency who will take our findings and give us an expert overview of our community and how best to support our businesses.

BREP reports have been very eye opening to me, I’ve had the opportunity to discover Woodson County has businesses that I did not even know we had! Just goes to prove we drive around and become so accustomed to our blessing that sadly we miss seeing them! Woodson County has so much to offer, first and foremost is the people! Wonderful people live here in Woodson County, our business owners are so appreciative for the opportunity to have their business here. Businesses speak highly of the giving loyal community, and the willingness for neighbors to help neighbors. Supporting our local businesses and being tuned into what we have is pertinent to the retention of their services. After all, our businesses are keeping us on the map and employing many who live here.

First Impressions Report:

Recently we received a First Impressions Report regarding Yates Center. The report was made by information collected by a team of people who visited our town giving us their First Impression Overview. In that report they state we need to embrace our positives. Like our awesome town square, its pocket parks on the east and south side, and the fact that we have a Newspaper, City Hall, Chamber of Commerce, two banks and schools pre-K through 12th grades. The uniqueness and history of our High School, Old Hotel and Light Hardware building just to name a few. The new pool, park, Delay Stadium, grand Courthouse and its gazebo were all welcoming and points of interest. This report will be shared with leaders of our community and then with you the citizens. More details on how the program work can be found on the Department of Commerce website.


RYC has had magnets and postcards printed with photos by Jakes Pics (taken by Jason Shepard) for purchase. These were available for purchase on Yates Center Days at the RYC booth. These are now available for purchase at the Yates Center Chamber of Commerce, Cornerstone Bakery and Town Hall. I have sent these cards to friends and family who no longer live here and they were so pleased to receive, as they put it, “A note and photos of home”. Again, these are available to you to purchase at the above businesses, go take a peek and make a purchase, I think you too will be pleased.


RevitalizeYC has several other projects in the works and will provide updates as we move forward. We appreciate the community's support in our efforts and look forward to what can be accomplished when we all work together.

Reported by Karen Faulkner

How Can I Help?

You can support RevitalizeYC by participating in local fundraisers, purchasing a t-shirt to show your hometown spirit at TradeWinds or Cornerstone Bakery, or by volunteering.

Amazon donates 0.5% of purchases when you sign up and use Amazon Smile (, with RevitalizeYC as your designated charitable organization.

Memorial contributions and legacy gifts to honor a loved one are just a few more ways to offer support. In addition, you can donate by going online to, and providing a one time gift or by participating in our monthly giving plan.

If you're interested in joining our team, check out our Community Teams page and our Available Board Positions page. There's a simple online application - we are always looking for individuals who are passionate about Woodson County!

Thank you for your continued support!

Our timeless unisex Hometown Pride shirt featuring an illustration of the Historical Yates Center Town Square and a spooky depiction of Kalida Castle that will be perfect for the fall season - are available for purchase at Trade Winds Flea Market the Cornerstone Bakery in Yates Center!

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